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Innovative and customer-oriented systems dictate tomorrow’s market. This is the principle which Universal Hydraulik has been following for more than thirty years in designing hydraulic systems, cooling systems, and heat exchangers which are used all over the world in all fields of application. We are at your service in Neu-Anspach in Germany, in Putim in the Czech Republic (Universal Hydraulik CZ s.r.o.) and in Perrysburg in USA (Universal Hydraulik USA Corp.). We distribute our products directly and work together with over twenty-five distributors to be present worldwide.

Our heat exchangers are available as catalog products or designed for your special request. The calculation is done with precise calculation software. The drawing is available in 3-D. The products are tested up to five times during production. The cooling performance can be proofed on our own test stand.

In purchasing our hydraulic and cooling systems, our customers are provided with a turnkey system from one source. We design, manufacture, and install the complete system. All our systems are fully-tested before delivery and supplied with extensive documentation. Moreover, our customer service department is always available for maintenance and servicing.

Service is our top priority – from project oversight right through to installation. Our customer service department provides a professional repair service for hydraulic components and is equipped with state-of-the-art test stands for final inspection. We also offer on-site fault analysis and corrective maintenance at our customers’ premises, both in Germany and abroad.

Advanced quality, customized designs made in Europe and U.S.A

Advanced quality

Quality stands at the top of the list of priorities.
By supplying the best hydraulic components and top-quality processing, we set the standards of the system technology. All systems that leave our company are first tested on our own test equipment to the latest standards for function, processing and noise level. On commissioning, you will receive comprehensive technical documentation together with full maintenance and operating instructions. We thereby guarantee you a high-performance, long-life hydraulic system which will operate smoothly at all times.

Universal Hydraulik GmbH committed to supreme quality standards in the cooler manufacturing market

The tubular heat exchangers made in our own production facilities in the Czech Republic are subject to an in-process testing sequence comprising five different steps before being delivered. Starting with the tube inspection (measurement of wall thickness) right through to the final leak test on the entire cooling system, these tests might generate rejects which we feel are better scrapped in our factory, sparing our customers the inconvenience of receiving faulty parts which have to be scrapped.

One of the expansion tests involves subjecting the coolers to 100 bar on the waterside which puts the material under enormous stress and constitutes a test step which is without parallel elsewhere in the market.

The feedback from our customers confirms their satisfaction with the high quality and reliability of our cooling systems.

DIN ISO 9001:2015 certification

Since 1997 Universal Hydraulik is continuously certificated.
The certificate in combination with regular operational checks give our customers the security of working in partnership with a company at the highest-quality production level.

The results of a representative customer satisfaction study have encouraged us to maintain, and even improve, the high-quality standards of Universal Hydraulik.

Customized designs
Universal Hydraulik GmbH is especially known for customized solutions with heat exchangers and cooling systems.

Customized solutions for heat exchangers is the specialty of Universal Hydraulik GmbH, when deviating from the standard catalogue is preferred. One option is the use of some of the components of the complete product, e.g. the customer providing the housing of the heat exchanger.

Cooling system designs are typically customized at Universal Hydraulik GmbH.

Made in Europe and USA

Universal Hydraulik GmbH continues to rely on European and, more recently, Central American manufacturing (Germany, the Czech Republic & USA). With these three production sites, we can offer, on one hand, competitive prices on a world-market level and, on the other hand, enable short lead times. Due to the proximity, the production control of the European sites is easy and on a short notice.

Contact - Production/Sales

Universal Hydraulik GmbH

Street: Siemensstr.33

City: 61267 Neu-Anspach
Country: Germany

Phone: +49(0)6081-94180

E-mail: info@universalhydraulik.com

Web: www.universalhydraulik.de

Contact - Production/Sales

Universal Hydraulik USA Corp.

Fort Meigs Business Center

Street: 25651 Fort Meigs Rd., Ste. A,

City: Perrysburg, OH 43551
Country: USA

Phone: +1 419 873 63 40

E-mail: info@universalhydraulik.com

Web: www.universalhydraulik-usa.com

Contact - Production

Universal Hydraulik CZ s.r.o.

Street: Putim 227

City: 39701 Pisek
Country: Czech Republic

E-mail: info@universalhydraulik.com

Web: www.universalhydraulik.com

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