History of Universal Hydraulik

1983 Foundation of Universal Hydraulik GmbH in Frankfurt am Main by Ralf Uhl.

1986 Worldwide representative for Racine (except for the USA) from Bosch, USA

1992 Representative for Thermal Transfer Products, USA (Europe and Middle East)

1993 Acquired first headquarters in Neu-Anspach in Frankfurt am Main.

1996 Expansion of production hall in Neu-Anspach

1999 New warehouse in Neu-Anspach

2001 Expansion of office building in Neu-Anspach

2002 The production of heat exchangers starts in Czech Republic (Universal Hydraulik CZ s.r.o.).

2003 The production of oil air coolers starts in Neu-Anspach, Germany.

2005 A new and bigger production facility was bought in Putim, Czech Republic.

2006 Presentation of a new oil water heat exchanger series (UKC-G) for gear manufacturers

2009 Presentation of a new oil water heat exchanger series (SCM) and start of the EKM-production.

2011 Further expansion of production facility in Putim and Neu-Anspach. Presentation of extended product range series EKM.

2014 Expansion of the offices in Neu-Anspach and new production facility added in the Czech Republic. Founding of Universal Hydraulik-USA Corp. in Perrysburg-Ohio.

2016 New building in Neu-Anspach (2nd warehouse) Purchase of property (3.500m2) in Neu-Anspach

2017 Expansion of the oil water heat exchanger series (SCM, SCM-FS, CKM und CKM-FS), size of 4000 Expansion of production facility in Perrysburg, Ohio – USA

2018 Expansion of the production area of Universal Hydraulik CZ s.r.o. (2nd hall)

2019 Doubling the warehouse and expanding our research & development capabilties in Neu-Anspach, Germany.

2020 Founder Ralf Uhl celebrates his 80th birthday

2021 After 37 years of successful management Ralf Uhl, has transferred the sole management to his son Michael Uhl as of 1.1.2021.

2021/22 Doubling of the warehouse and thus expansion of the warehouse, air cooler production, plant engineering and new establishment of a research & development department in Neu-Anspach.

2022 Establishment of own CNC production at Universal Hydraulik CZ s.r.o.

2023/24 Expansion of the production area of Universal Hydraulik CZ s.r.o. (3rd hall)

Contact - Production/Sales

Universal Hydraulik GmbH

Street: Siemensstr.33

City: 61267 Neu-Anspach
Country: Germany

Phone: +49(0)6081-94180

E-mail: info@universalhydraulik.com

Web: www.universalhydraulik.de

Contact - Production/Sales

Universal Hydraulik USA Corp.

Fort Meigs Business Center

Street: 25651 Fort Meigs Rd., Ste. A,

City: Perrysburg, OH 43551
Country: USA

Phone: +1 419 873 63 40

E-mail: info@universalhydraulik.com

Web: www.universalhydraulik-usa.com

Contact - Production

Universal Hydraulik CZ s.r.o.

Street: Putim 227

City: 39701 Pisek
Country: Czech Republic

E-mail: info@universalhydraulik.com

Web: www.universalhydraulik.com

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